Jose Cuervo

An AR experience

  • Brand
  • Strategy
  • Augmented Reality

Jose Cuervo, the number one Tequila brand in the world, were looking for an engaging way to promote one of their new lines of drink into the market. Engagement and Sales were the two main KPI measures for this specific initiative.

After a couple of rounds of Design Thinking with key stakeholders and a plotting out and storyboarding of the entire end-to-end experience and journey, we used Augmented Reality as a means to bring this new product to life and to enhance the ‘Cinge’ Tequila retail experience.

The focus of the AR engagement was around the ‘Get Stung’ brand promise. The AR experience was built to be a 2-way interaction and gamified in order to create a memorable experience. Sales were in excess of a 130% of initial target KPIs. This line of bottles are still collected by people today so that they can experience the interactive AR factor.